We offer a range of service delivery options. Below is a guide to them and their costs. Please get in touch with us to discuss which of these is the best fit for your child.
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Initial Consult Appointment           
(60 minutes)        $215

 When a formal assessment is not required.

Initial Consult price includes review of paperwork prior to the session, goal setting and a short written summary of the session’s observations and recommendations.


Short Assessment                             
(60 minutes)         $285

The Short Assessment price includes travel, assessment and a 2-page summary of findings.


Standard Assessment                       
(120 minutes)        $450

The Standard Assessment price includes 2 x 60 minute assessment sessions, travel, the assessment, materials and an Assessment Report.

Therapy & Capacity Building


Speech Therapy session                   
(60 minutes)       $193.99                   (45 minutes)  $145.50


 Allied Health Assistant session         
(60 minutes)         $86.79

( 2 x hour Speech Pathology Program Set up applies + 1 x Hour overlap with AHA and SP)


 Short Zoom / Phone consultation   
(30 minutes)        $80.00                   (15 minutes)    $40.00

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Mobile Services

Travel Rate                                             
(15 minutes)       $48.50                   
Calculated Pro Rata.  Capped at 30 minutes


Our Philosophy


Therapy should be fun!

Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning. High quality, evidence based therapy doesn’t need to be boring! We make sure your child looks forward to our sessions (and hopefully you do too!).


Children learn best in their natural environments

Young children generally learn best when we work in the setting they are playing, learning and socialising in everyday. This is why we provide the option for therapy sessions at home, childcare or even the local playground!


It takes a village

The more people on board with supporting your child in their goals – the faster the progress! We love working with parents, siblings, educators and other therapists.

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