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Our practice is based in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. We focus on providing effective, play-based Early Intervention in the areas of communication, play, feeding and literacy.

Our Philosophy


Therapy should be fun!

Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning. High quality, evidence based therapy doesn’t need to be boring! We make sure your child looks forward to our sessions (and hopefully you do too!).


Children learn best in their natural environments

Young children generally learn best when we work in the setting they are playing, learning and socialising in everyday. This is why we provide the option for therapy sessions at home, childcare or even the local playground!


It takes a village

The more people on board with supporting your child in their goals – the faster the progress! We love working with parents, siblings, educators and other therapists.

What we do

The perfect therapy program looks different for every single child and family. We can offer a range of different services to best meet your child’s individual needs.

Clinic Based Speech Pathology

We have a beautiful and very well resourced clinic across from Jannali Train Station available for therapy and parent sessions.

Mobile Speech Pathology

We can offer mobile therapy sessions at home, childcare, school or in the community

Video Therapy and Consults

We are experienced in providing fun and evidence-based therapy via telehealth. This is a convenient and effective option for parent education too.

Feeding and Drinking Support

With a family based approach, we can support children in increasing their range of foods and textures, develop oral-motor skills and build positive mealtime practices.

Allied Health Assistant Support

 Our trained and supported Allied Health Assistants can provide support for your therapy program. This can be a cost-effective way of helping your child meet their therapy goals faster!

Student and New Graduate Supervision

Kim is able to provide clinical supervision and support to early career Speech Pathologists who are interested in developing their skills in Early Intervention Speech Pathology. 

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