Kimberley Lockly is a registered Medicare provider and is registered with most private health funds. She believes that therapy should be fun and engaging for children and puts particular emphasis on how to follow through with therapy goals in between sessions so that your child is able to gain the best results.

Kim has experience in the assessment and treatment of the following areas of communication and feeding:

  • Communication for children with developmental disabilities
  • Language and Play development for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Speech Sound Disorders (Including pronunciation/articulation, lisps, motor speech and phonological difficulties) 
  • Language Delays and Disorders
  • Play and Social Skills
  • Stuttering
  • Pre-Literacy  & Early Literacy Skills
  • Fussy and Problem Feeding


Home or School Visit Prices:

Standard therapy session (55 minutes) - $175
*Therapy session price includes travel and an email summary of the session

Initial Consult Appointment (60 minutes) - $200
Initial consults are appropriate when an assessment isn't required. The initial consult price includes a review of paperwork before the session, goal setting, travel and a short summary of the session observations and goals.

Short Assessment (60 minutes) - $270
Short assessments are appropriate for children under 2, stuttering concerns, and mild - moderate speech sound disorders. It may also be sufficient if an assessment has been completed by another Speech Pathologist in the last 6 months and you have a copy of the assessment report.
The Short Assessment price includes travel and a 2 page summary of assessment findings.

Standard Assessment (2 x 60 minutes) - $420
Standard assessments are needed for most other areas of concern. This is because it is difficult to deliver effective therapy without getting a clear picture of what the difficulties are. It also allows time to get to know your child which will help ensure that therapy can be personalised and engaging. 
The Standard Assessment price includes travel, the assessment and an Assessment Report.

Telehealth (Zoom) Advice & Consultation (30 mins) - $60

Please contact to discuss.