Feeding Fussy Eaters. How to Successfully Introduce New Foods to Your Toddler

Guest post for the Nourished Mummy Project.


I know I’m not the only one that has read some fantastic articles on the best kinds of foods for my little people.  I’ve taken screen shots, bookmarked and pinned them with the best of intentions. However, reality soon hits.

“How am I actually going to get that nutritious meal into that little tummy?”

Lucky for me, as a Speech Pathologist who works with families and children with feeding challenges, I’ve got a few extra tricks up my sleeve. There is no “one fits all” magic solution for getting our kids to eat the foods that we’d like them to, but I’ve put together 7 of my top tips for how to best set yourself (and little people) up for success when introducing new foods to toddlers and young children.


Read it here: https://nourishedmummyproject.com/feeding-fussy-eaters/